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Artistic Gymnastic Movement

This series of paintings captures the continuous path of movement through the air, expressing the vibrational energy of Artistic Gymnastic movement.

I have been inspired by myself performing a tumble sequence across the diagonal of the sprung floor area - The Round-off, Flic, Double Back Somersault.

To experience this movement click here.

The paintings capture different aspects of the sequence and express my own language of describing the sensation of gymnastics.

"As I run up I am committed and focused on the evolution of the whole movement. The approach run up and the long step into the Round-off, Flic, pushing from the hands and feet gathers speed. A re-action occurs as I kick from an extended position into a tight pike shape. This creates a fast rotation in the air. Everything is a blur to the eye as I rotate against gravity. Even so, I know exactly where I am in the air through endless practice. I see the floor and know instinctively when to land . If the timing is wrong it will be the floor hitting me and not me hitting the floor! It is a fantastic feeling when I achieve a perfect performance."

I graduated in 1999 from The University of Plymouth in Devon, England with a Fine Art Degree. 

Gymnastics has been an enormous part of my life. I have competed for many years and retired after I represented Great Britain in the 1999 World University Games, Majorca, Spain.


Group Exhibitions:

  • 1996 - End of Year Show, Plymouth College of Art and Design, Plymouth, Devon, England

  • 1998 - End of Year Show, Spacex Gallery, Exeter, Devon, England

  • 1999 - Degree Show, University of Plymouth, Exeter, Devon, England





Somersault with Form Number 1

48in x 38in



Somersault with Form Number 2

48in x 38in



Somersault with Form Number 3

48in x 38in



Somersault with Form Number 1, 2 and 3

48in x 38in each



Somersault with Energy and Speed

67in x 46in



Somersault with Force 

67in x 46in



Somersault with Rotation

59in x 39in



Somersault with Trace

45in x 38in



Somersault with Flight

45in x 38in



Somersault with Line

36in x 31.5in



Somersault with Twist

45in x 38in




66in x 26in




17.5in x 17.5in